Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Celebrating Nuel Oji

I can't contain the joy I feel in my heart right now. I mean, as a lover of success and success stories, these things give me sugar rush in my system.
Today, I want you all to join me in celebrating one of those success stories.
Join me in celebrating my cousin, Nuel Oji, who just bagged a FIRST CLASS degree and emerged the BEST GRADUATING STUDENT in law from the faculty of law ESUT.
He is an academic magician! With a close to a photographic memory. An intellectual genius, a child of God to the marrow,humble like no other and exuding the kind of wisdom that would make Solomon jealous.
3 times a scholar(300 Level, 400 Level and 500 Level respectively), his first class was anticipated as he had always maintained a close to perfect academic record while climbing the academic ladder to this point. In 300 Level he got an outrageous score of 97/100in criminal law! The faculty was awestruck!
To say the least, Nuel Oji is an intellectual giant. Having been privileged to work hand in hand and stand side by side with him in National competitions, I can attest to the fact that Nuel intelligence and wit is unrivaled, having been put to the test on different levels, he has always emerged victorious and represented the faculty very well.
For all those of us who have had the rare opportunity of coming in contact with Nuel Oji, we say to him, congratulations sir. You will be greatly missed.
Celebrate this amazing gentleman!
Nuel Oji.

History Has Been Made!

Congratulations to Osakwe Okey Junior and Emmanuel Nyia who also bagged first class degrees from the Faculty of Law, ESUT, together with Nuel Oji.
Osakwe Okey Junior has always stood tall in the faculty for his deep knowledge and understanding of the law, wits, great sense of humor and political pragmatism and has always been held in high regard by all and sundry in that respect.
As for Nuel Oji, well, it is said that all men are born equal but some are more equal than others. Nuel Oji is one of such. you can read my previous post on him for a better understanding of who this guy is.
Special congratulations to our very own Faculty president, Emmanuel Nyia, who despite all the challenges and distractions here and there in running the faculty affairs, he defied all odds by becoming the first faculty president to ever get a first class since the inception of the Faculty of Law, ESUT.
It should be noted that this is the first time the faculty has ever given more than one person a first class degree in the same class since 2014 (When the faculty awarded a 1st class degree to a student, for the first time, since its inception).
Congratulations to the 3 wise men (as most of us call them). More grace!.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


I was dressed in black shoes, ash trouser, white shirt, ash jacket and a touch of my black blazer thinking I was going to murder the respondents counsel having, a night before written my argument down logically and serially as to how I will present it. The case bothered on law of tort.

I could not sleep all night feeling uneasy as well as excited that I have come to that point when my voice will no longer be heard by my class but by the faculty as a whole. I embarked on searching for judicial punchlines of which I found some and the most interesting was " it is sheer effrontery and vacuous bravado by the....." as was said by olagunju JCA in Achebe vs Nwosu. In fact, this was on of my most expected moments in law faculty.

Prior to the day of the mooting, the class put to vote as to who will represent and I was selected and that's when the sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares started. Three others were also selected and they were all my friends and people with high intellectual proclivity; Ochu Peter, Maduabueke Chidinma Amara , Kene Nnadi . Having this group of persons bothered by my left and right made me confident but anxious, courageous but weak, firm but unstable and.......

I was gingered by the presence of awards such as best counsel, best brief of argument and best dressed and also by the presence of my colleagues who are reckoned intelligible experts in advocacy and learning, and legal artists who can draw the law without an eraser.

Three hours to the most anticipated competition, I was already ready and armed with my well equipped legal arsenal ready to fire left, right, north and center, in fact, I was wallowing in the ignorance of the fact that mooting is a simple task and therefore,i was going to do my thing without much.......anyway, few minutes to the time for the matter to be called up, we were informed that it was canceled, I was happy but sad; wasted nights, wasted anxiety, wasted anticipation etc, but it wasn't canceled again.

I sat at the bar, and took a sharp turn to my left, right and behind and found out that there was a crowd, mainly the year one students, and also, some enemies who could not but wait to see me stutter and fail, I lost courage first, then boldness followed some couple of minutes later. I was practically fidgeting as though I was nokia 3310 receiving an incoming call for he who owns me. A night before I had visited the white house twice as a result of mind upset and the same phase was on the verge of reoccurring(damnit, no white house in the moot court) ,but I packaged myself anyway(like I had a choice not to).

The judge came in looking bright but dreaded, calm but impatient, and the nut in my belly seemed to swell, my heart beat was at 300 beats per second(how possible) and I tried not to look at him and wondered "JOHN, I thought of you as a bold, courageous and fearless person,what happened?"

However, we started, and Kene Nnadi fondly called 'Oputa' after the former justice of the supreme Chukwudifu Oputa took the mantle of leadership and in his usual manner, displayed and showcased the reason behind his 'Oputa' name, his erudition and elocution was awesome, and I must confess, I dream to speak like that and even better sooner than later. He thrashed out the issue he was assigned to handle impeccably.

Maduabueke Chidinma was next, she was the last born of the class as she was young and small in size and description. She did well with little errors as was expected, but she consumed the time allocated for the both of us together alone, and it made my own task more herculean than I conceived it to be because I had to cut short my argument so that Ochu Peter could handle rebuttals.

Finally, it was my turn, and I stood up, greeted the court and then, everything in my head went into a coma, I could barely remember anything, and I proceeded to say anything in my mind, I was bitting round and about the bush, and within me I knew I had messed up, and my dream of any award was gone, and my enemies will finally laugh, and the junior students will be disappointed, more especially, those who elected me to advocate will be disappointed. In fact, when I was done, I bent my head down the table and never wanted to raise it again. Rounds of laughter waas just what was happening behind me as I thought, and I kept asking my colleagues if I did well and they were silent and I knew the shit just got real, they were disappointed as well, who didn't I disappoint that day? NO ONE.

Anyway, I took solace in the fact that it was my first and I was bound to mess up which I did not hesitate to do gallantly and valiantly ,i faked smiles but laughed sincerely at the realization that it isn't as easy as I supposed.

In conclusion, we lost the case, and we received no awards. When the judge gave his judgment, even before he finished, we knew we had lost.......

I can't write everything that happened that day,but at least,i have shared a little of my bore with you, enjoy.
-Okolie-Akirika John

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Barr. Samuel Osamolu National Inter-University Moot and Mock Trial Competition

The Faculty of Law, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, well represented by counsel in the picture attached hererin , Participated and emerged the overall best winner in The Barr. Samuel Osamolu National Inter-University Moot and Mock Trial Competition which was held in Unilorin between the 18th and 20th of May, 2016.
In addition, we also won the award for best counsel in the competition.
In the moot stage, we were up against the radiant counsel representing Ekiti State University (in the first court) and the dogged representatives of Lagos State University ( in the second court). We proceeded to the finals with the highest score in the moot case while LASU did same with the second highest score.
In the mock stage ( Finals ), we went head to head against the prestigious Lagos State University in the criminal trial. After a war of wits, strategy, and law, we eventually emerged winners of the trial.
We give God the glory and can proudly say that indeed, ESUT made her mark in UNILORIN and, needless to say, we had fun!

The 2nd Edition of The Barr. Funsho Lawal National Essay Competition.

Received an award for my essay on "Unveiling The Administration of Criminal Justice Act. Plea - bargaining as an Inroad to restorative Justice in Nigeria " which was the 4th overall best essay at The 2nd Edition of The Barr. Funsho Lawal National Essay Competition.
We bless the lord!
Event : CLASFON UNILORIN Dinner/Award Night
Date : 21st May, 2016

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Celebrating our first class law graduate

Can I have your attention please?

I want to tell you about one man.

His name is Gabriel Doc Nwodo. In the Faculty of Law, ESUT, some call him brainbox , lord of law, lord denning, obilade, Ben Nwabueze, and names of most of the greatest legal scholars that have every lived!

Yes! He deserves all the praise and adoration because he has proven to be one man who not only knows the law, but knows it very well.

When I entered the faculty in first year, I asked around with regards to who the academic giants were and all fingers were pointed towards his direction! I just had to associate myself with him and I thank God I did because the man Gab has been both a mentor, guardian and friend J

 He is very well known for his oratory prowess, excellent command of English and a master in the moot court as I can still vividly recall the time we went for a moot court competition at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. The organizer, Sir B.E.I Nwofor SAN, after the competition remarked that he spoke like someone that has been in the bar for more than 10 years!

He is a man that has proven himself to be one of the most principled men I have ever met in my life.


He is the second person and the first guy to be ever awarded a First Class Honors by the Faculty of Law
ESUT since it's inception!

This is a great feat worthy of celebration and even the devil will testify that he deserves it!

Gab, you are a source of inspiration and a motivation to those of us in the faculty and we’ll do our best to live up to the standard which you have set in the Faculty.

Please, without much ado, let us celebrate Gabriel Doc Nwodo!!!

Monday, 7 September 2015

All lawyers and prospective lawyers should read this

I am amazed when I see lawyers quarrel in court.
You have been briefed and paid professional fees,
you have a good reason to defend the cause of
your client, I agree. However in doing that always
bear in mind that with respect to clients, they
match the proverbial "soldier go soldier come,
barrack still dey". The case is for the client.
Lawyers are colleagues your adversary may be on
same side with you in a different case.
You will understand the thick skin nature of these
clients you are ready to die for when you fall sick
or pass on, they will quickly come to carry their
files and brief another lawyer. They won't even
pity you or ask after your family, to them they
are doing you a "favour" with the fees they paid
you. I have seen this fate befall some lawyers!
So my dear colleague before you lose your artery
for that your client just know a lawyer next door is
waiting should any misfortune hit you! Stop
creating unnecessary enmity with your colleagues,
no client deserves that!